CD finished

The CD is finally released. 5 tracks. I hope you enjoy them.

The physical CD has been pressed if you prefer your music on a disk.

Click on Buy (see below) if you would like to purchase the whole album - all 5 tracks - (digital download in your favourite formats - mp3, itunes, etc). Have a listen to Dream of You by pressing play.

Official Music Video

Here is the music video for the first track of the "Ukulele Songs" album.

The song is about someone special in my life.

The footage in the video was taken in Australia, Germany and Austria and produced by Jeff Williamson. Thanks to the support of Aeromic, the world's best aerobics microphone, and to Liberty Gift for making this video possible. We hope you enjoy it.

The Album is on itunes, amazon, etc

Ukulele Songs is now available on itunes, amazon, and many other digital music stores. Thanks to the team at Liberty Gift for helping to get this album released around the world.
It does not matter which format you like to listen (mp3, apple, etc), or which store you like to buy from, I am hoping we have given you plenty of choices. And yes, you can even purchase your download from this website.


Here is Nick performing The Youngblood's classic "Get Together" at the Balmain Ukulele Club.

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